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Rabu, 04 Januari 2017

Paper crafting: Sailor Squad

Hi Bloggies~!

I am really really really sorry for not posting since last year, and hopefully I can spend my time for blogging from now on.
Anyway... Happy New Year! Wish 2017 bring happiness for all of us. πŸ˜‡

Today I would like to share the tutorial for making the papercraft.
Same with my previous posting about the Danboard, now I want to share Sailor Moon and friend's papercraft (or paper model).
Actually I have promised my friend to share the tutorial from December 2016, but I got sooooo many paperwork to do from office and college. And yes, it really prevent me so I don't have any spare time.
I am so sorry for it, and I really mean it.

Okay! Shall we go?~

Firstly, you will need:
- Scissors / tiny Cutter
- Glue (whatever kind of glue it is, it's OK)
- Hard Paper (in Indonesia we usually called it "Buffalo Paper")
- The template

PS: you can find the best template here.
Here is the example:

I build Sailor Jupiter because Sailor Moon has been built ^^;;

Second, print the template on the hard paper. Hard paper helps you to make all parts in shape.

Third, follow the joining steps below~~~ you can click each picture if it is not clear enough.

-------------------- : Fold
       πŸ”΄/πŸ”΅      : Glue
_____________ : Cut

➤ Step 1
- Please be careful, you should cut the line, not the dotted line!
- Dotted line only to fold
- Glue the red dot
- Green dot for joining to another part
- Join part L1 and L2 with glue

➤ Step 2
Basically same, just fold and glue~ follow the caution

➤ Step 3

➤ Step 4
This part is a bit difficult... you should really have to see,
there is a line to cut to make a chest shape

You can find this tiny Ribbon on the template, it mentioned "I" part

➤ Step 5
This is G1 and G2 part, sorry I forgot to take the ready pict πŸ˜…

➤ Step 6
Yes, follow the caution

➤ Step 7
Can you see the ears? Yes, fold it to front

➤ Step 8
Glue the back part of each Big Ribbon

➤ Step 9
This maybe makes you confuse, but it easy tho πŸ‘Œ


Now, let's join each part. See below steps:

YAYY You did it!

Hopefully those pictures above can help beside of my very-bad english. πŸ˜…
You can ask anything if there is a step that's not clear enough for you to do, just write a comment below this post.

Greetings from the squad!

Thanks for visiting!
See ya~

B πŸ’‹