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Selasa, 25 Oktober 2011

Explanation: HELL GATE's - Turkmenistan

Are you religious person? are you believe about hell? what is the hell mean? this is the devil place to stay. I think all religion believe about hell. But, do you know about the hell gates? there is a hell gate in Turkmenistan. A frightening phenomenon. Why I said so? Because we stay just for a while on this earth. What is the next life after that? "hell" or "heaven". I hope from this hub, will increasing our spirituality.

There is a great phenomenon from Turkmenistan, Middle East, in the Kara-Kum desert. Near with a small airport called Darvaz. It looks frightening place. Shaped like a gap, with Hot lave inside this place. It was created around 40 years ago. In 1971, when Turkmenistan was a republic of the Soviet Union, the local residents said that, some geological experts were dug this place to search of noble gases. They began searching near the city of Darvaz.

The state energy company was drilling. The gap was filled by a lot of natural gas. The drilling, combined with the sudden release of the pressure the natural gas was exerting on the cavern walls, caused the ground beneath the cavern to collapse.

Because too much of this natural gas, the researchers thought that there would be a toxic gas that will come out of the place and pollute the earth. Feared would happen bad things, they decided to burned this gap. They argue that in the next 10-year period of natural gas would stop. But this is unexpected, until now the gap is still burning and there is no possibility to stop.

There was another story about this place. A geologist had dug this place to look for the original gas. Suddenly during the dug, they have a huge gap be found under the ground. Because this gap was too large, so that all the equipment falling down into the abyss. No anyone who dared enter into the abyss. It caused by the original gas filled the gap.To avoid the natural gas which will contaminate the earth, they had lit a fire inside the gap. Since that incident. Over 35 years the hole burned and never stop until now.

The spectacle of this large burning gap in the ground is a rather incredible to witness. Obviously, it is most incredible at night when the red glow of the flames from Hell’s Gate are visible from up to 40 km (25 miles) away. The cater itself is about 75 meters (250 feet) at its widest point. The intense heat of the fire makes it difficult to stand near the carter’s edge for more than two or three minutes at a time. This is probably for the best: The funes coming from the crater are toxic.

While Biblical alarmists might point to the "Door of Hell" as yet another sign of a coming apocalypse, the phenomenon apparently has a scientific explanation. According local residents, geologists were digging in the area for gas deposits and stumbled upon a huge underground cavern.

The geologists apparently concluded the cavern was filled with poisonous gas, and decided (as any sane rational scientist might do) that they should light the cavern on fire to burn off the excess. The hole has been burning for more than 40 years since. Though there's some debate on English Russia about whether this flaming pit is actually located in Uzbekistan, some further investigation confirms it is indeed in Turkmenistan.

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